Vision, mission, and values

Our vision, mission, and values determine our commitment towards families, children and youth.


A welcoming home celebrating the life of each child, where care and services are centred around improving families’ quality of life, up until the very end.


To offer outstanding pediatric palliative care and services with an innovative mindset and leadership to offer children and their families the best possible quality of life. We will fulfill our mission in close collaboration with a vast range of partners in the healthcare system for a complete integration of various care and service offerings under one roof.


Our values define our identity and guide our actions. We commit to uphold these values every day to fulfill the expectations of the children and their families.


To honour our promise to improve the quality of life and well-being of each child and family. Our commitment provides the foundation for a relationship that makes us accountable. Our commitment means hope for a transformative and enriching experience rooted in a collective effort.


Human warmth, kindness, listening, generosity, and empathy. Compassion sparks humanity and sensitivity as we accompany and support the children and families through particularly trying times. Suffering will be met with boundless compassion which will permeate our entire care and service approach.


Our team’s professionalism, integrity, respect, and honesty will be a testament to excellence at all times. We aim nothing short of excellence in our everyday care and services, supported by continuous training, diversity, and innovation.


Collaboration will guide out integrated approach of care and services to cater to the needs of children and their families in the best way possible. Butterfly House will be a leader in creating partnerships and the integration of various care and service offerings available in the community.