Our first fundraising event took place on Saturday, March 18th and what a success it was! Special thanks to Leucan who partnered with us for the Défi des chefs event and raised funds for both us, la Maison Papillon Enfants et Familles, and Leucan Outaouais. The magical evening, presented by Foundation Choquette-Legualt, brought together 700 people and raised $314, 173!!!

We were blown away and humbled by the generosity of folks and the many offers to help and get involved in making la Maison Papillon Enfants et Familles a reality.

Thanks to Leucan, Leucan Outaouais, the ambassadors committee, Annie Rivière, Jacques Tremblay, Richard Martin, Fondation Choquette-Legault and the members of the board of directors of the Maison Papillon Enfants et Familles. And congratulations to St-Éloi and Armin (Leucan child), big winners of the Challenge!